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Enjoy sampling for foods/drinks from 60 participating locations. Please refer to each locations' page for redeemable number of tickets & days/times. Many unique locations are in the back alleys or in the multi-unit buildings. So let's start exploring by using Google map on your smartphone!

  1. ①チケットはご自分で外さず、必ず繋がったままのチケットをお店側にお渡し下さい。
    Please hand the whole tickets as attached together with stub when ordering at each location. Do not detach them yourself.

  2. ②各店舗でのご滞在は、料理や飲み物が出されてから基本30分以内とさせて頂きます。
    30 minutes staying time limit at each location after food/drink has been served.

  3. ③1店舗で何枚使ってもOK!
    Multiple tickets can be redeemed at any location.

  4. ④2人1冊でもOK!
    Two people can share 1 book.

  5. ⑤1店舗につきお1人最低1枚の利用。(一部テイクアウト店舗は除く)
    Each person must use 1 or 2 tickets at each location. (To go menu locations are excluded)

  6. ⑥チケットをご利用されない方は、店舗の通常メニューからご注文ください。
    If anyone do not use ticket, you must order from regular menu at each location.

  7. ⑦売り切れの場合は、代わりのメニューをご提供致します。(店舗により代わりのメニューがご提供出来ない場合はご了承ください)
    In case the pre-set menu is sold out, you will receive an equivalent menu. (Please understand some location may not be able to offer equivalent menu.)

  8. ⑧グルメウォークメニューの代替は出来ません。
    You cannot substitute pre-set menu for any other menu.

  9. ⑨グルメウォークメニュー以外のご注文は別途清算をお願いします。その場合のご滞在は自由です。
    If ordering other than pre-set menu by cash, 30 minutes staying rule does not apply.

  10. ⑩余ったチケットの換金にはお応え出来ませんので、ご了承ください。
    No refund for unused tickets under any conditions.

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